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Dr. Callery and his staff and associates strive to provide excellent, up to date surgical care and personal attention. Convenient scheduling and good communication with your primary care doctor and other consultants is of utmost importance to us. We believe that thorough education of the patient and family provides the basis for a smooth surgical course and long term weight control.

We approach clinically severe obesity as a genetically based condition, that is amplified by a variety of social, psychological, dietary, and environmental factors. Diet, exercise, and counseling programs alone are ineffective for many patients. Gastric bypass surgery reduces the size of the stomach and allows food to pass more directly  into the small intestine. Sleeve gastrectomy reduces stomach size. Both of these surgeries change gut hormone interactions reducing appetite. Lap-Band® restricts the upper stomach. Each of these surgeries thereby offer a tool, that when combined with behavior modification, psychological adjustment, and reasonable exercise, can result in much more significant and lasting reduction in both weight and weight related illnesses.