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Your Lap-Band® is adjusted correctly when:

  • Comfortable weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week
  • Reasonable satiety between meals
  • You can tolerated variety of foods
  • You are comfortable

Your band is too tight when:

  • Your have heartburn
  • You have chest pain
  • You can't tolerate solid foods
  • You feel uneasy

Your band is too loose if:

  • You stop loosing weight
  • Lack sense of restriction
  • You are able to eat steak or thick breads
  • You are able to eat quickly with minimal chewing
  • You are hungry

When should my band be adjusted?

  • First adjustment no sooner than 6 weeks after placement
  • Postpone first adjustment if you are losing weight and are comfortable
  • Further adjustments are based on the band being too loose or too tight
  • Band may be adjusted for pregnancy or chemotherapy or for other serious illness
  • Weight gain will usually follow

When should my band not be adjusted?

  • Before vacation or holidays

Why are adjustment necessary?

  • Fat around the stomach and under band thins out as you loose weight causing band to loosen
  • The saline in the band very slowly diffuses (leaks) through the band membrane loosening the band

How much fluid should be added to my band?

  • 9.5 cm band: 1 ml at 6 weeks, 0.5 ml for second fill, 0.25 ml for additional fills
  • VG band: 4 ml at 6 weeks, 2 ml, 2 ml, 1ml, 1 ml for additional fills

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