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The Lap-Band is a tool to help the patient loose weight and help maintain healthier eating habits. As with any tool
the Lap-Band has to be used correctly.

What the Lap-Band does

  • Restricts the rate at which food can be eaten.
  • Causes the patient to chew more thoroughly.
  • Gives most patients improved satiety between meals.
  • Causes gradual weight loss over about 3 years.
  • Relieves many weight related medical problems.

What the patient has to do:

  • Choose healthy foods.
  • Get reasonable amounts of exercise. 30 minutes 5 times a week is best.
  • Get psychological help as needed.
  • Avoid snacks.
  • Avoid calorie containing liquids.
  • Take personal responsibility for weight control by adjusting behavior and not simply relying on the band.
  • Make a commitment to life-long follow up with her or his surgeon or personal physician so that the band function can be monitored and complications can be ruled out.

Weight Loss Expectations:

  • Slow steady weight loss of 55% of excess over three years.
  • One study reports 55% excess weight loss at eight years.


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